Shes - lingerie


What is the difference between Patent, PU, Stretch and Leather material?

Patent, either patent leather or patent pu, the latter being a man made material, has a very shiny, almost mirror like appearance. Pu, short for polyurethane, is a semi-shiny to non-shiny man made material designed to be less expensive than leather. Stretch, either patent or pu, is a thin, stretchable material, which allows it to fit to the contours of the feet or legs. Leather, usually having a supple and comfortable feel and with a texture pattern, is the highest quality material of all used in shoemaking.

How do you convert a man’s shoes size to a lady’s shoes size?

Shoes fit differently. Our best rule of thumb is a two-size increase. A man’s 9 converts to a woman’s 11.

How can I remove glue marks on the shoes?

Use lighter fluid. Ordinary lighter fluid applied to a white rag will remover the glue. You can also use glue thinner which can be purchased from any shoe repair shop

How can I change batteries on a light-up shoes?

Peel up the silver sock lining material where the ball of the foot touches, carefully remove the lighting mechanism, replace the old battery with the new one, place it back, and, using hair dryer, blow hot air at the back of the sock lining material where the glue was for a few seconds, then firmly press it back